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Donate Floating Homes to Charity

A floating home is not a houseboat. These waterfront homes are permanently moored.

Floating Home Donations - Tax Deductible

A floating home is not a houseboat and instead classified as a type of alternative housing. A floating home is a building that floats and is moved just once and placed on a floating foundation of multiple barrels and floats to keep the home level. Unlike houseboats, floating houses do not have a motor or navigation system and are permanently connected to utilities like electric charging stations, water and sewer. Yes, both floating houses and houseboats are both found on the water, but as you can see, there are marked differences between the two. (Go here for houseboat donations)..

When you make a floating home donation with our charity, you are able to claim the maximum allowed tax deduction based on the fair market value of your floating house. We have over 20 years experience in real estate donations which is essentially what a floating home donation is. Floating houses are very similar to condominiums (which we specialize in), but instead of a residential building, floating homes are dwellings on the water with monthly dues paid to maintain the dock, parking lot and slip.

Floating home donations almost always include a slip and are usually located in a community of floating houses that vary in size, style and condition. They are sold like any other house with home loans and closing costs, but property taxes are not based on the land, only on the home itself. It really does not matter if your floating home hasn’t been well maintained and needs work, we will accept your generous donation and use it to support the very worthy causes we support.

We invite you to call us anytime (888)228-7320 to learn more before you donate, or just complete the following donation form today!

Floating Home

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