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Donate commercial boats used as a business, for research, for profit, or as a service

Commercial Boat Donations to Charity

Commercial boat donations are larger size vessels usually custom made and favored for their deeper draft and wider beams, traits that make these boats ideal for a variety of commercial boating activities. Examples of commercial vessel donations we accept include: passenger and cargo vessels, patrol – security vessels, crew and supply boats, tug boats, and barges. The most common type donated though are commercial fishing boats used to catch fish in the sea, lake, river or ocean. Trawlers, dredgers, trap setters, liners, trollers, seiners, lift, gill netters and party boats make up around 70% of our commercial boat donations.

The reason many commercial boat owners decide to donate through our 501c3 nonprofit charity is to take advantage of a fair market value tax deduction, and also because we excel at getting the maximum value for their vessels. Some of our previous commercial boat donations have been refitted after realizing it was no longer economical to run it as a commercial vessel and so we converted them into houseboats and floating homes which brought top dollar.

Donate dinner boats, passenger ferries, custom charter boats, drift fishing party boats, push or tug boats, pilot boats, water taxi’s, canal boats, custom fish – dive – research boats, and even cruise ships! We offer free towing or water transport anywhere in the world and use all funds from your generous donation to help a wide variety of very worthy causes. 

We invite you to call us anytime (888)-228-7320 to discuss your commercial boat donation – or to get the ball rolling, complete the following form and we will review and contact you shortly!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give..

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