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Charity Boat Donations - Donate boats anywhere in the USA - Tax Benefits

Most of you have come to this website because you want to donate a boat. We make it incredibly easy for you to donate boats such as sailboats, motor boats, jet ski / waverunner, fishing boats, boat trailer or yacht donation. When you donate a boat you relieve yourself of the high costs of ownership, you receive a tax deduction, and 100% of your donation goes towards helping those in need!

Boats with Causes is a website run by Giving Center and part of the With Causes charitable network. We’re a 501c3 charity that has a focus on meeting a variety of needs for individuals and worthy causes throughout the USA. Giving Center is continually striving to create new charitable and benevolent programs and services that address the immediate needs of those less fortunate. Those we help include education and computer programs, individuals with special needs including victims of crime, those with physical challenges, families that truly need a helping hand, and other like-minded non-profits.

Please feel free to contact us 7 days a week by calling (888) 228-7320 or choose your boat donation type from the following to get started.

Donate a Boat

A few words from our donors

Why Donate a Boat
with Boats with Causes?

When you donate boats to Boats with Causes you are helping yourself as well as many people throughout the United States. You will receive a generous Tax write off and Boats with Causes will do all of the work. Our team of volunteers will pick up your boat donation anywhere in the United States even if you no longer have a title. Plus since we are the actual charity, you get to feel confident your donation is going directly to those that need it most rather than some middleman who takes up to 80% of the profits themselves before giving any to charity.

Having trouble trying to sell your boat by yourself? One of the main reasons people decide to donate their boat with us is because they are tired of trying to sell the boat themselves. As we all know, BOAT stands for “Break” “Out” “Another” Thousand” and any boat owner know this is true. Unless you have a storage facility on your property, you have to pay to have the boat stored during every season, whether you use it or not.

With rising gas prices, many are starting to not even use their boats for recreational activities which means the boat just sits there and starts to lose value. The next step is trying to sell the boat which means more money out of your pocket and wasted time. Placing expensive classified ads to sell your used boat and then getting phone calls at midnight and speaking with dreamers just causes more frustration than is deserved. Donating is extremely fast and simple with us. Call toll free (888) 228-7320 to get started today.

Are you ready to donate a boat?

(888) 228-7320

Tax Write-Off

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give..

Boats with Causes is a part of the Giving Center family, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization (IRS approved EIN# 92-1162407), that provides assistance to those in need nationwide. Giving Center joins together the support of our own programs, along with various other non-profit organizations and individuals to provide services to those less fortunate through the act of charitable giving. Working as a long-standing maritime partner to individuals seeking to gain and give the greatest possible benefit and Donate Smart!

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