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Boats with Causes is part of the With Causes Charitable Organization. Our mission is to maximize the potential financial benefit of every charity donation by restoring your donated vessel whenever possible to help those that need it most.

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We have a team of volunteers ready to help you donate a boat to charity and offer 100% free towing. We will also supply you with all of the necessary legal paperwork so you can claim your tax deductible charitable boat donation and receive your free vacation.

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Boats with Causes, is part of the "With Causes" charitable network. We're a charity that has a focus on meeting a variety of needs for those in our communities that need a helping hand. 100% of your donation goes straight to the "With Causes" charity to help further benefit our communities.

Some people wonder why they should donate boats to Boats with Causes. Some even go as far as to question us as to why desperate families in need would need a boat. Clearly we aren't going to be giving a boat to someone that is in desperate times. A boat would only sink them deeper into debt and the families With Causes helps have much stronger needs than weekend boating excursions.

Our goal with every boat donation is to maximize the potential financial benefit possibly gained whenever possible, which means your maximum tax benefit is usually higher also. We do this in a variety of ways. Boats with Causes has a network of boat mechanics, captains, painters, shipyards and detailers throughout the United States. What this means is that we can take a used boat donation and turn it into a next to new, safe vessel ready for liquidation.

A perfect example of what Boats with Causes does is this Recent Renovation:

A 1970's 28' Pacemaker boat was donated in NJ. Both engines were blown and the entire inside was rotting wood. The wiring was ruined, the bimini top was shredded, the paint was old and dull and the rub rail was non existent. The owner had it stored on blocks for 4 years and it really showed. Our boat surveyor said this boat donation had potential though. He said that with around $4500 worth of boat repairs, we could easily liquidate the boat for over $11,000, leaving our charity with $6500 rather than under $600! Donated Boat
 So the work began on this major project. Luckily we had a boat donated to us 1 week earlier in Boston that used the same exact engines as this boat and we just had to replace 2 carburetors. The rubrail was donated from a local boat supply store and all of the new wiring was done by a volunteer named Gary whom we cant thank enough. The interior was completely gutted and we had another volunteer sew curtains and reupholster a new couch and cushions. Bilge pumps, captains chair, in dash compass, and a fishfinder installed from other boat donations at no additional cost. New Engine Compartment
After 3 weeks of repairs and a fresh coat of paint, this Pacemaker was reborn. The final test was set, drop her in the water and make sure she floats and the engines work. Long story short, she purred like a kitten and cut through the waves better than any new boat on the market. We got her up to around 37mph which is pretty fast for such a heavy boat. When we returned to the dock, we somehow had a crowd gathered due to word of mouth and everyone wanted to see the end result. Within 20 minutes a financial donation was made of  $14,000 and the boat was gifted to the donor! Restored Boat Donation
We paid $4100 to the contractors for the work they did, and the remaining $9900 went directly to the With Causes charity network! Amazing but true! We went from a potential $600 donation to almost $10,000 in less than 1 month! $10,000 Charity Donation!

We Go That Extra Nautical Mile with every boat donation to our charity!

As you can see, we do everything possible to make sure your boat donation truly benefits those that urgently need assistance. We have numerous heart breaking requests each and every day telling us how desperately their family needs our help. Without your donations, we would have to turn them all away. Fortunately due to previous donors and the rest of the "With Causes" charitable network, we are able to help 90% of those that request our support in their trying times.

You may be wondering what we mean when we say "help" and "benefit" those that urgently need assistance. First let me say that we review each charity application on a case by case basis. We have a proven system and a team of volunteers covering the United States that carefully go through the requests and then decide how to help.

For those that truly do need help from "With Causes" we begin a plan of action and begin the process of bettering their lives. The With Causes charitable network includes five charity organizations all devoted to making any charity donation directly to charity. This way you are leaving out all of the middleman companies popping up under the guise of a charity organization that scoop up most of the profits and never go that "Extra Nautical Mile" like Boats with Causes and With Causes does.

With Causes Charitable Network

When you donate boats to Boats with Causes you are helping yourself as well as many people throughout the United States. You will receive generous Tax benefits and also receive a deluxe vacation voucher. Boats with Causes will do all of the work. Our team of volunteers will pick up your boat donation anywhere in the United States even if you no longer have a title in some cases.

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