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Is it time to get rid of your house boat or fishing boat? If you have a boat, fishing boat house boat or even jet ski you can donate it free of charge through us whether it runs or not. now covers the entire Sarasota Florida area when it comes to boat donation. Your boat whether it's in pristine condition or ready to go to the junkyard can be donated to charity. In return for making a Sarasota boat donation you can receive full fair market value in the form of a tax deduction on the federal level. Full fair market value will be based directly off the market value of your Sarasota Florida boat donation. If you would like to learn more about the federal tax savings advantages and the possibility of a free vacation offer for donating your boat in Sarasota Florida through us just give us a call at 1-888-228-7320. Team members are here seven days a week to help you make a difference with your next Sarasota Florida boat donation.

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Boats with Causes is a division of the non profit "With Causes" Charitable Network

2013 Boats with Causes is the source to donate boats and other watercraft directly to charity.

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When you decide the time is right to give up your boat, fishing boat, house boat or even jet ski consider giving a call to learn the advantages of Sarasota Florida boat donation. With our help and just 5 minutes over the phone with one of our volunteers, you can lock in federal tax savings based directly on the market value or in some cases appraised value, of your Sarasota Florida boat. This could mean thousands of dollars in federal tax savings for you and thousands for charity. Interested in learning more? All you have to do is give us a call at 1-888-228-7320. We help donors throughout the state of Florida and around the United States reach top value for their boat donation each and every time they give back. Just give us a call to learn more and to lock in your federal savings!
Each of our donors who gives before the end of the year a Sarasota Florida boat donation, charter boat donation, jet ski donation or any other type of watercraft including yachts and sailboats will receive a free vacation offer from us each time they give. Our only stipulation is that you donate a Sarasota Florida boat before we run out of vacation offers and that you donate a boat with a value of $500 or more! That's it. You make the donation and meet the minimum value and we will send you a free vacation offer! Call today to secure this wonderful donation package from for your Sarasota Florida boat donation and the difference you’re making for charity.
Giving back to charity through a Sarasota Florida boat donation can benefit both you and your favorite charitable cause. When you are ready to make a difference and our expert volunteers are here to help. We offer free transport throughout the entire state of Florida and the surrounding area with most donations wrapping up in less than a week. Spend 5 minutes on the phone today to learn more about all of the reimbursement that comes with Sarasota boat donation and your direct gift of a boat to charity.

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