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You receive tax benefits, a free vacation and peace of mind knowing you helped touch the life of another in a positive way.

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Making a Palm Harbor boat donation is a fantastic way to give back to charity and a great way to have your junk boat picked up for free! Have a boat donation that is in perfect condition? Palm Harbor Florida boat donation is also a great way to lock in thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal tax savings all because of your generosity and with a bit of our help! Our teams and volunteers are ready and willing to help you process your donation start to finish! This means that we will handle all donation paperwork and all transport of your boat donation from anywhere in Palm Harbor completely free of charge! If you're interested in giving back to charity, locking in federal tax savings for you and possibly securing a free vacation offer just for giving through us, give us a call at 1-888-228-7320. Team members are standing by seven days a week to answer your questions and help you learn more about the advantages of Palm Harbor Florida boat donation to charity.
We even offer an online form to help make donation that much easier. Click here to go directly to our online form and complete your donation in less than 5 minutes over the Internet. Just have a question? Submit your question through this form or give us a call today!

Final step! Just Click the Donate My Vessel to Charity Button and Donate Now!

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Boats with Causes is a division of the non profit "With Causes" Charitable Network

2013 Boats with Causes is the source to donate boats and other watercraft directly to charity.

Donate boat Palm Harbor FL or anywhere in the state of Florida ! Free Pickup of any boat donation !
Giving back means receiving is well! Palm Harbor Florida boat donation
Each time you make a Palm Harbor Florida boat donation, yacht donation or even sail boat donation you can look forward to fast and friendly service from us which will help lock in federal tax savings at the highest level possible for your boat donation. These federal tax savings can be used to offset this year’s federal taxes owed and can be used for up to five years after that for future taxes! Lock in federal tax savings today before the IRS changes their mind on this fantastic benefit of giving!
Palm Harbor Florida boat donation also affords you a free vacation offer with us as long as you give $500 or more in total value. Donate a boat, yacht, fishing vessel, charter vessel or any type of sailing craft directly through us and secure this vacation as long as you meet the minimum donation requirement. Most boats meet our very easy minimum requirement so call today to lock in this extended benefit! Give back to charity and give back to yourself through Palm Harbor Florida boat donation and us,!

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