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Donate Ohio Houseboat to charity. Are you ready to get rid of your house boat? Whether it runs or not you can donate your house boat to charity instead of going through the headaches and hassles of selling. Donate a house boat through us, from anywhere in the state of Ohio completely free of charge. Donate a house boat with or without a trailer and of any make and model and just about any year! Rather than dealing with hundreds of tire kickers and the threat of next year's Marina dues or winter maintenance costs consider house boat donation to charity. Your house boat could bring thousands of dollars and for charity and those in need as well as thousands in federal tax deduction offsets for you. Interested? Call today or any day seven days a week. Helpful team members are standing by at 1-888-228-7320 to help you make a difference for both yourself and your favorite charitable cause through house boat donation in Ohio.
Would you prefer to make your Ohio house boat donation through our online form? Click here to fill out our online Ohio house boat donation form. A team member can call you back at your earliest convenience or you may complete your entire house boat donation through e-mail without ever having to pick up the phone. We give you choices to make things as easy as possible!

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You are able to receive a full fair market value tax deduction receipt from us which makes you instantly eligible for a full fair market value tax deduction from the IRS. On top of a tax deduction each qualified house boat donation will make its donor instantly eligible for a free vacation or Bahamas cruise offer from us! Sounds pretty great so far right? Your Ohio house boat donation to charity may also qualify you for an appraisal and a full appraised value write off instead of the normally allowed fair market value tax write off. Call today to find out if you qualify for these extended benefits plus find out what other further benefits may be available for you!
**Extended benefits like repairs and possible restoration are made to qualified house boat donations each day by our professional teams. Repairs and restoration costs will be at our expense. We may be able to fully restore your house boat to original specifications; maximizing its donation potential and tax market value.
Your tax deduction receipt will be given to you on the day of donation. This receipt will be your proof of donation and the first step in claiming your full fair market value tax deduction. This receipt is one hundred percent IRS compliant and is yours free from us. A few short weeks after donation we will send a secondary IRS compliant 1098C donation form out to you. This document and its preparation is an exclusive service to our donors and not normally offered by other charities (the IRS does provide a 1098C document free of charge at their website. The specific page can be found with a simple Google search). Your donation receipt and this 1098C donation form will help speed up your end of your filing time and can help ensure an error-free tax deduction.
We also take care of all title and Bill of sale transfer for your house boat donation. This guarantees a free and clear transfer each and every time you donate.
Call today to find out more! 1-888-228-7320

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2013 Boats with Causes is the source to donate boats and other watercraft directly to charity.