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House Boat Donations New York

Donate New York Houseboat to charity. If you own a house boat in New York, especially if it is kept at a Marina, we don't need to tell you twice how expensive things can get year after year. With yearly maintenance and in most cases expensive Marina dues, it is easy to run things up into the thousands of dollars just to maintain your house boat. As an alternative to spending thousands next year you may want to consider donating your house boat to charity. Why? Well for starters the IRS is offering larger than ever tax deduction returns for anyone who donates a watercraft to charity. You can receive full fair market value in the form of a federal tax deduction for your house boat donation. In some cases you may even be able to receive further benefits including full appraised value tax deduction from the IRS, and from us a possible free vacation or three-day Bahamas cruise! Offers are only secure for donors who donate before the end of the year! Interested in learning more? Call today and speak with one of our helpful volunteers at 1-888-228-7320. Donation is one hundred percent free to you and transportation anywhere in the state can be set up in usually less than a week! Call today to find out more.
**We also offer after-hours pickup to help some of our busiest donors find a time that works best for them!
Do you prefer e-mail? You can click here and fill out our online New York house boat donation form. Ask a question through this form or complete your entire donation. It's entirely up to you. A team member will contact you back at your earliest convenience through either e-mail or phone (your choice).

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A full list of the benefits that you may qualify to receive from for a New York house boat donation:
• A full fair market value tax deduction eligibility guaranteed for each house boat you donate!
• An appraised value tax deduction! (Must have appraisal or qualify for appraisal)
• a vacation offer for three days and two nights at several great vacation spots
• a three-day Bahamas cruise offer
• a free same day IRS compliant full fair market value tax deductible donation receipt
• free preparation by our professionals of all necessary IRS tax deduction paperwork
• free transport of your donation throughout the entire state of New York
Donate a house boat in New York today and in less than a week, have your donation pickup completed with a receipt in hand! (In most cases) In return for your generosity you can expect full fair market value tax deduction eligibility from the IRS. From us, you can look forward to possible repairs and in certain cases full restoration of your house boat, preparation of all required IRS tax deduction paperwork by our professional staff and possibly a free vacation or three-day Bahamas cruise! Want to learn more? Call today at 1-888-228-7320 or click above to complete our online New York house boat donation form. We are here when you are ready to give back to charity through New York house boat donation!

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