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Donate Maryland Houseboat to charity. is the leading Maryland house boat donation charitable organization providing more services and extended benefits for giving than any other charitable organization in the United States. Give a house boat today through us, and expect to receive fast friendly service throughout the entire donation process, free transport of your Maryland house boat with or without a trailer from anywhere in the state, completion of all necessary IRS donation documents by our professional staff and the chance to receive a full fair market value tax deduction from the IRS; plus an additional vacation offer from us! Avoid the hassles of selling and enjoy the benefits of house donation through boats all with one simple call to 1-888-228-7320. Give today and give back to charity without lifting a finger. Your donation could single-handedly support a charity for several years, providing thousands of dollars to those in need. Call today or click here to fill out our online Maryland contact form to learn more.

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Making a house boat donation through boats starts with a phone call or e-mail from you! Click here to fill out our online Maryland house boat donation form and to make a secure donation online or call today at 1-888-228-7320 to speak with a helpful volunteer and make a donation over the phone. Each method takes roughly 5 minutes to complete and will lock-in potential tax deduction savings from the IRS and the possibility of a vacation offer from us.
Contacting us and letting us know you are ready to give will put our donation teams to work. They will prepare all necessary IRS donation forms and schedule a time that works around your busy life to come out and pick up your entire houseboat and all of its accessories that you would like to give. Give things like fish Finder's, depth finders, oars, life vests and any other accessories that may be associated with a watercraft. You can even receive credit for giving a Marina slip or leftover storage time at a boating facility. We can unlock tax deduction savings for you for just about anything watercraft related. On the day of donation you will be handed a full fair market value IRS compliant Maryland donation receipt. This receipt will help guarantee your eligibility for your full fair market value tax deduction from the IRS and in certain cases may help you secure a full appraised value deduction. (Call for more details regarding full appraised value deductions). Call today to find out more and to begin the process of Maryland house boat donation.
**Certain houseboat donations in Maryland may qualify for repairs and the potential of full restoration at no cost to you the donor. To find out if your donation qualifies for these extended offers exclusive from us just give us a call or click here to fill out our online Maryland house boat donation form.

Boats with Causes is a division of the non profit "With Causes" Charitable Network

2013 Boats with Causes is the source to donate boats and other watercraft directly to charity.