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When you donate your used boat you relieve yourself of the high costs and receive a tax deduction, free vacation voucher and you directly help the With Causes Charitable network. Boats , Personal Watercraft ,  Outboard Motors and Boat Trailers all accepted as charity donations. 
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We have a team of volunteers ready to help you donate a boat to charity and offer 100% free towing. We will also supply you with all of the necessary legal paperwork so you can claim your tax deductible charitable boat donation and receive your free vacation.

Charity Boat Donation Question Answered   

Boats with Causes was recently exchanging emails with a gentleman named John who is interested in purchasing a used boat. We have been getting quite a few emails like his lately and thought we would just post our answer so everyone knows we do not sell boats unless the donor specifically states they want it sold. Please take a minute to learn a little bit about what we do with our boats that get donated and feel free to Call us toll free to talk about your boat donation today! 888-228-7320

I see ads for donations of boats for charity. I never seem to see ads selling boats that are donated to charities. Would you please tell me where to look for sales of these items? Seems to me that unless the donated items are sold that no real money is generated by the donations from people? Am I correct in this assumption?
I thought that maybe I could look at a decent boat at a reasonable price and do the charity and myself some good at the same time.
Thank you,

Here is Our Reply..
We are a part of a larger Organization. Much of our program is funded by these other groups and you are the victim of a limited perspective... A sale of a donated boat generally results in far less than the actual fair market value as a sale price. That is the problem with "referral charities". They exist only to take assets donated by the general public and liquidate them with a larger emphasis placed on fattening their own bank accounts. This is not what we do.

There are a great many worthwhile programs that may utilize a boat or watercraft. The Boy Scouts of America, Sea scouts, many volunteer Search and Rescue teams such as the ones in South Carolina and Arizona that we will be giving several refurbished vessels to in the coming weeks. It is for public benefit...

Money is not the purpose nor should it be of our operation.

Additionally, the current tax laws provide limited financial benefit to the donor if we simply auction or sell the vessels...
There is a greater benefit to the donor if our Organization makes what the IRS calls "meaningful use" of the donated asset. This allows the Donor to take "fair market value" for their donation instead of the much lesser sales price.

We work on a 100% volunteer basis and are a faith based Christian Organization.
We work diligently to provide good works... Not words...

Sometimes when we are asked to do so by the Donor, we will liquidate their donations for funding. We are considering taking more boats in that we normally would not take simply because people want them "gone". If we do this we will probably sell these boats on EBAY. This is not the rule but the exception.

If you wish to be contacted about a boat when one becomes available, we will be more than happy to put you on the list. Please contact us if you need further assistance or would like to tell us what kind of boat you are looking for.

Johns Final Reply

I wanted to take a minute to write and say "Thank you!" for your time and for the explanation of how you use the donated vessels to support your goals. Your explanation and the time to explain this was very much appreciated and gave me some sorely needed insights.

I am 56 yrs old and am a very average person who supports a family of four on one income. My wife is a sickly person with quite a few medical conditions so I do the shopping, cooking, cleaning, indoor and outdoor home maintenance and anything else that my family needs me to do to help them. (I almost sound like a single mom, the hardest job I can think of! I put 1 son thru college already without having him seek any student loans as I did not want him to graduate and have a large amount of debt staring him in the face upon graduation. My 2nd son is currently enrolled in the county college before transferring to Rutgers after he receives his Associates Degree in 1 more year. I am doing the same for him.

So, I have always delayed any type of purchase of a boat for myself (my only 2 hobbies are fishing and baseball card collecting) until I can afford to procure one and to pay cash for it. I have always believed in the philosophy of "pay as you go" rather than to put myself into unnecessary debt if at all possible. We've been fortunate in that area for the most part.

So, my question was born from a willingness to wait for my own rewards and to try to find a way to help myself and to support a worthy charitable organization at the same time if possible. I have taught my sons the value of giving something to the world and the community by becoming a Rotarian over 20 years ago, by attending and being an active member of our church (my older son volunteers his time weekly to mow the church property, the manse and the small church cemetery where his great grandparents and his grandmother are interned, etc.

I just thought that perhaps if I could find a 18-22 ft boat in decent condition with an operating motor that perhaps I could pursue my hobby during the warm months in NJ as I prepare to retire in the next 4-5 years. Nothing extreme or opulent, just a fishing boat that I could take my wife out in and have us both feel safe, maybe build some more bonds with my sons as they start their families by bringing their loved ones into the fold by sharing some time on the ocean or in the bay. Something to help me stay close to them and to teach strong family values to their children, my grandchildren, if we are fortunate enough to have any in the near future.

Have a wonderful day and know that I will keep your group in mind in the event that I should ever have the opportunity to make any contributions to it.




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